“Somethings Bubblin’ up”- Behind the scenes

This Photo is a 226 MegaPixel Image monster. 

bubblin cut marks Somethings Bubblin up  Behind the scenes

It is actually a mosaic of about 22 photos stitched together, shot with the Canon 85 1.8 lens on a full frame 5d mk2.

Each photo was shot at F3.5 and then stitched together.

*Why in the name of Zeus would you do that?

Well, because its cool.

*Whats so cool about it?

A few things-

first off, a seemingly wide shot photo becomes super-detailed, since each “tile” has the full pixel power of the full frame camera.

dvir torso Somethings Bubblin up  Behind the scenes



Second, the optical effect makes it seem like it was shot with a wide lens with an aperture of about 0.7, a lens only Stanley Kubrick had.

right branch Somethings Bubblin up  Behind the scenes


*So The guy had to lay there until you were done? how long did it take?

Yes, he is known as a hero in certain parts of the world. it was cold, so he held a heating bottle. He was there for about twenty minutes, before he could move again.


IMG 60491 Somethings Bubblin up  Behind the scenes


The “Bubbles” were a Decorative ‘Ball’ I bought at a ‘bed bath and beyond’ type store. they have dots on them.

balls Somethings Bubblin up  Behind the scenes

The Biggest Advantage of this kind of shot, is that when it is enlarged and hung on a wall, The detail really shows and it looks  beautiful.

I really like the way it came out!

A big thanks to Dvir, Sivan Moran and Itai for helping to make this happen!

Bubbling up Somethings Bubblin up  Behind the scenes


More photos here on THE FACEBOOK PAGE! Come win a Print of this!


  1. Stephanie Meyer Andreoni | 12 Jan 2013 at 4:17 pm |

    very cool!

  2. Raduyshurishka Fedorenko Hanun | 12 Jan 2013 at 9:04 pm |

    Hi Ronen…how was the effect of the flying balls created? wonderful work by the way! big hello from Mexico!

  3. Elizabeth Rodriguez | 14 Jan 2013 at 11:22 pm |

    WOw..this is truly amazing… what a talent! Keep sharing :)

  4. Joe Maggiore | 15 Jan 2013 at 1:08 am |

    very cool

  5. Quoted Quotes FR: Friends of Friends | 15 Jan 2013 at 2:47 am |

    How nice ^__^.

  6. Donald Goldman | 15 Jan 2013 at 4:56 am |

    incredible always thought a true artist is one who can reproduce his thoughts and dreams in way to share with the world.

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  8. Billy McKee | 16 Jan 2013 at 12:31 pm |

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