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Things I saw in September.

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Part of a special project.




The Climbing plant-
IMG_7968no prince

Starring: Smadar Tsook

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shai birds ver 3 980

“The Box”- Image 15 of the “Surrealistic Pillow” Project.

Starring Shai and pigeons.

Making Of, Behind The Scenes:

Creating This Image was a lot of fun- we got up early in the morning and went to “Kikar Rabin” (Rabin Square), it was quite cold, but we had a job to do.


we brought some bread to get as many pigeons as possible in the shot, and got the frame ready.


we tried out different angles until one worked perfectly.

Shai did a few jumps and I tried to see if it was working out..

Timing was important, and so was the angle at which his hands and body were at.

Being The Cool Guy that he is, he kept jumping again and again, stopping only to have a drink of juice and a strange cracker-with-cream-cheese thing sivan had made.

(it was quite good). Turns out, its not that easy to jump and make it look like you are being carried away by a flock of birds- but then suddenly-

we got the shot.

_MG_7839 980

Shai Is the Bird King.