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Creating “White Space” took quite a while.

I had the image in my mind, and was really excited about it, but I knew putting it together would be something special.

It all started with a sketch I drew horribly-


This is why I create things things with a camera, my hand-to-pen coordination results in that terrible looking Space Ship.

I then needed to actually build a space ship.

I am not a rocket scientist.


Next was getting the space suits, and the wonderful people to play the parts of astronauts and lovely lady.

Lucky for me I got to work with the amazing Michal and DvirPhoto By

This Photos is Actually an insane 143 Megapixel image, created from 8 separate shots (was shot with Canon 5d3 50mm 1.2 Lens)- I did this so that all those wonderous details will

show up when printed.

Photo By Ronengoldman.comProblem is, that the PSD (Photoshop file) with the layers was 8gb, took 20 mins to save each time, and nearly melted my computer.

I love the result.

Thanks to Sivan, Dvir, Michal Eyal and Leon.

More of this series can be found here

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My Groove, is back, from long vacation

I was sent by a known luggage company to do a commercial photo shoot for their new suitcases.

We decided the best place to shoot it would be at the Ramon Crater, at sunrise.

We slept the night before at the lovely Alpaca Farm, and woke up at 4:50 AM and headed out to the highest mountain lookout we could find.

After the photoshoot was done, we were all very happy with the results, and very tired as well.

But before we left, I had Dvir, the star of the shoot to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, to surf down the slopes of the craters winding road.

Photo By



It was quite an epic morning.

Thank you to Dvir and Oded for making this happen!

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I have been planning this photoshoot for a few months now.

I had the image in my head for a while and really wanted to make it happen.

I scouted the location, measured things, decided on lens and distances, contacted a talented costume designer, checked lighting at different times of day- In short,

I had a plan, and the plan was damn good.

The days arrived, up at 05:30 in the morning, meet the awesome actors and everyone else involved.

Take a meter of the lighting, distance composition- everything is in place, not a soul around except one guy reading on a far away bench.

Daphna the actress steps out to the ledge as planned, everything is working like clockwork.

Man on bench puts down book. walks over and says: “what the hell are you doing? whatever that is, you can’t do that.”


He is the guy from city hall in charge of making sure no one takes photos at that very specific location. He was actually really nice about, explaining that we need a permit to

shoot there, and without it his hands are tied. ironically, the whole plays is filled with closed circuit cameras so he did need to do his job well.

At this point I realized all my planning is down the drain- all the planning and effort seemed to be down the drain.

But I realized this stuff happens all the time, and as photographers, we just need to be able to adapt to changing situations and this was one of them.

I quickly walked around looking for an alternate location, one that has not been researched for months that would fulfill all the needs of the shoot.

(foreground figure, background figure, a place to hide, non changing light conditions, good composition, placing for lighting and so on)

I found it not far from there and we got going.

At first I was disappointed, the sheer amount of time I put into planning this thing versus the swiftness in which it was stopped caught me off guard.

There seemed to be too may factors to take into account, and I didn’t think I could pull it off so quickly and under the pressure of all the people that came out to do this thing

with me at 0600 in the morning. But I remembered importance of being jelly, to go with what you have got, and making art is better than not making art, and pulled it all


The result is awesome, and I love it.

and the whole experience really opened up my eyes.

(See what I did there?)


The Rest of the series here

Photographer: Ronen Goldman

Costume+styling: Rona Plotek

Lighting: Dvir Greenvald

Starring: Daphna and oded.

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Setting out to create “At the chime of the city clock” I knew I would need someone special to pull it off.

I was lucky enough to be able to contact Tali, An amazing actress and accomplished practitioner of “Acro-Yoga”.

She would be the one doing all the “flying”.

But as always, the first step was to create a terrible sketch of how it would be done-

Next, we got everything into place, made sure the time of day would allow for no direct Sunlight,

And we got crackin.

Avner Held Tali up “Superman” style- and what was really amazing with working with such professionals was their ability to do so many different variations and hold it in place.

This is what is looked like with everything happening-

After about 100 attempts- it all fell into place quite perfectly(we did a version with a hat that made it into the final edit)

*Big thanks to Tali and Avner for sharing their awesome skills,

and Sivan And Dvir- who did amazing lighting work.

More Photos on Facebook.


Gear Used:

5d mk2 , 16-35 2.8L , Manfrotto Tripod, Lastolite ezybox, 580exii, umbrella.

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This Photo is a 226 MegaPixel Image monster. 

It is actually a mosaic of about 22 photos stitched together, shot with the Canon 85 1.8 lens on a full frame 5d mk2.

Each photo was shot at F3.5 and then stitched together.

*Why in the name of Zeus would you do that?

Well, because its cool.

*Whats so cool about it?

A few things-

first off, a seemingly wide shot photo becomes super-detailed, since each “tile” has the full pixel power of the full frame camera.



Second, the optical effect makes it seem like it was shot with a wide lens with an aperture of about 0.7, a lens only Stanley Kubrick had.


*So The guy had to lay there until you were done? how long did it take?

Yes, he is known as a hero in certain parts of the world. it was cold, so he held a heating bottle. He was there for about twenty minutes, before he could move again.



The “Bubbles” were a Decorative ‘Ball’ I bought at a ‘bed bath and beyond’ type store. they have dots on them.

The Biggest Advantage of this kind of shot, is that when it is enlarged and hung on a wall, The detail really shows and it looks  beautiful.

I really like the way it came out!

A big thanks to Dvir, Sivan Moran and Itai for helping to make this happen!


More photos here on THE FACEBOOK PAGE! Come win a Print of this!