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I was super excited to be commissioned again by “Redland London” to create the new ad campaign for their upcoming new line of awesome luggage.
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Redland London “Be Prepared for anything”

The previous campaign was all about the concept of “Go anywhere” with the new 4-wheel drive bags,
and was shot in the ramon crater in the desert- here in Israel
The new campaign was more about the durability of this new line of luggage, and the idea that it will help you "Be prepared for anything!"
I came up with the creative where our protagonist is bombarded with lemons from a tree, and yet is prepared with his stylized luggage to protect himself.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or at least shield your head!
Check out the Video-

The Photoshoot-
As always, I opted for a small crew and practical effects, shooting Dvir using a softlighter and
A glorious sunrise as a backlight.
After the main shot was created we proceeded to shoot the various lemons, using high tech BBQ sticks
To get them into the various positions. Using an Ipad and Eyefi card I was able to monitor that
everything was going as planned and in the correct place.
I really love the result, combining a fun, surreal and eye catching image with some sexy colorful luggage.
Thanks to Sivan Mor Goldman for the Behind the scenes video!
on bench

Getting the lemons in place





More From the campaign…Photo By






RON_8370 RON_8883 RON_8910

Gear Used:

5d Mark 3

Canon 16-35L (Main image)

Canon 85 1.8

Canon 50 1.2

Think Tank TakeOff roller bag


Canon 580ex2




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RON_8690 RON_9028 RON_9169 RON_9186 RON_9247 RON_9286 RON_9358 RON_9365 RON_9369 RON_9959RON_0406

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Me and Sivan created this short film with the help of many talented friends. Some have called it “The little Mermaid in reverse” we call it “The Diver”.

Let us know what you think, and feel free to share it with people who might like this sort of thing.