Commercial Photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Ultimately, imagination is at the heart of what I do. The true pleasure of conceptual photography is taking something abstract and non-concrete and transforming it into a twisted and meaningful reality of its own. In both my personal and commercial projects, that core goal remains the same- convey stories, breathe life into concepts and externalize emotions through surreal and conceptual images.

In my personal project, “The Surrealistic Pillow,” I fuse the real with the surreal, creating dream-inspired tableaus from the images that surface as I close my eyes.The series is a result of an eight-year quest to catalog these fragments of my dream life, and it’s been featured in art fairs and exhibitions around the world, including London, Brussels, Spain and Germany.These images are created using careful camera work, computer editing and intricately layered individual components, but the result is all that matters. It’s like a magician’s illusion - you know things are not quite as they seem.

This project has also been featured in news outlets such as CNN the Huffington Post and Daily Mail

I do commercial photography for Ad agencies, magazines, brands, artists and private companies.

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FORBES Magazine, Noritamy, Redland London, United Airlines, Engadget, P&G, ERG Guitars, Tiny Love, Adweek, Mobileye, Lightricks, Nelson Education,Credit Suisse,Process Switzerland, Enlight, Wix, Prometheus Global Media, Gulaza, Wonderful Machine, Good Weekend Magazine Australia, NoCamels.