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The Shapiro Brewery - Lights and craft beer.

I was recently commissioned to create a wide variety of Content and Media for a new ad campaign for the Shapiro Brewery

One of the shots we planned was having the whole crew of the brewery- including the Ceo to be "surfing" down the main brewery floor area, where the large vats that make the beer are stored.

This area is quite large, and lit, well, like a factory. I wanted to utilize the high reflectiveness  of the surfaces of the vats - to give the space an exciting look and feel that would convey the "spirit" of the brewery and its crew.


I placed two gelled high power 360 Ws godox Packs between the vats, one colored blue and the other red.

We than walked a speedlite in a softbox along all the front panels of the vats to enhance their specular highlights. Basically, the idea was to light paint the whole room and then composite all the pieces together. 

After we had the whole place lit, I could go on and create a portrait for each one of the crew members.

in this day and age of Social media, it is important to have more "assets" to share on shoots like this. therefore we created a bunch of Cinemagraphs , to accompany the launch of the campaign. both in GIF and MP4 Format, to be used on Facebook, instagram and the clients website.

Aint nothing like finishing off the day with a good shapiro beer!

Ceo Itzik Shapiro

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